Ramadan United Challenge 

Ramadan United and RUAE news team have brought to you a special fitness challenge during this Ramadan. You can participate in this challenge simply by downloading the Fitze application on your smartphone.

What is the challenge?

In the Fitze application, you will join the Ramadan_United_2021 Challenge where you will have to complete 210,000 steps in 21 days. Don’t worry it’s not as tough as it sounds.

When is this challenge gonna happen?

This challenge will kickstart on the 17th of April and will go on until the 4th of May. The winners of this challenge will be announced 3 days later.

Code to Join the Challenge – 4674

Who will win this challenge?

From the pool of participants that complete this challenge, 10 winners selected at random will win big prizes.

What’s in it for me?

Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are some big prizes such as quality sportswear, nutritional food, beauty salon packages and a lot more up for grabs!

Fitze, rewarding your steps. Download the app now: