Join The FitZEE Steps Challenge  – Walk 168k Steps in 21 days

Exclusive for ZEE Employees Only.

Challenge Details:

  • Dates: Starts on 18th January 2022
  • Format: Walk 168,000 Steps in 21 Days
  • Type of challenge: No daily steps target, enjoy total freedom on how many steps you take each day! But the overall target is 168k Steps in 21 days.

How to join:

  • Download the FITZE app.
  • Create your profile on FITZE (Create your profile using your official email ID).
  • Complete the FITZE syncing process. If you don’t see your daily steps on the Fitze app get in touch with team FITZE through Whatsapp / call +971562177007.
  • The challenge goes live on the app on 18th January 2022.

The code to join/accept this private challenge is 8617.

FITZE operates as per UAE local time. Your challenge start & finish time and everyday step syncing will happen accordingly.

Countries Time difference UAE Time Fitze Sync Time
Singapore 4 hrs Ahead 12:01 AM 04:01 AM
Thailand 3 hrs Ahead 12:01 AM 03:01 AM
Indonesia 3 hrs Ahead 12:01 AM 03:01 AM
India 1.30 hrs Ahead 12:01 AM 01:31 AM
Mauritius No Difference 12:01 AM 12:01 AM
UK 4 hrs Behind 12:01 AM 08:01 PM
South Africa 2 hrs Behind 12:01 AM 10:01 PM
USA 9 hrs Behind 12:01 AM 03:01 PM
Canada 9 hrs Behind 12:01 AM 03:01 PM
Russia 1 hr Behind 12:01 AM 03:01 PM

Trouble Shooting: 

If you face any issues with syncing in your steps on the app, you can call / WhatsApp at +971562177007 or you can follow these steps : 

Join the challenge on the Fitze app and stand a chance to win exciting prizes as well as enjoy discounts and benefits of the Fitze App

Fitze, rewarding your steps. Download the app now: