Apple Health user using Fitze?

Are you having trouble using Fitze? Steps not being counted? Don’t worry we got you covered.


Perform the following steps:



– Go to settings

– Scroll down to ‘’Health’’

– Select ‘’Data Access & Devices’’

– Select ‘’Fitze’’

– Ensure all categories have been turned on so we never miss a step you take.


Please Note:

– Calories will only be recorded if you are using Apple Watch.

– Fitze is compatible with Apple Watch

– No additional settings needed except making sure your watch is linked with the Apple Health App and is getting synced before the day end every day.


Now, refresh the Fitze app and make every step count!


Still, facing problems? Check out our FAQ or contact us on and we will reply to your query within the next 24 hours.


Fitze can capture your data from two other sources – Google Fit, and FitBit (through iOS and Android). You can at any point of time choose to change the Fitze ‘Step Source’. Read more in our FAQs.